Can H4 Visa Holders Apply for H1B

freelance work on h1b visa.

In the realm of U.S. immigration policies, countless individuals aspire to work and reside in the country on a more permanent basis. Among them are H4 visa holders, who often find themselves pondering whether they have the option to apply for an H1B visa.

This question arises due to their dependency on a primary H1B visa holder, typically a spouse or parent. To shed light on this matter, it is essential to delve into the intricacies of both visa categories and understand the possibilities that exist for H4 visa holders seeking employment opportunities in the United States.

Yes, H4 visa applicants are eligible for consideration to receive an H1B visa. They must nevertheless fulfil certain conditions.

  • The H1B visa applicant must be the primary beneficiary of a File I-140, Immigrant Application for Alien Worker, that was successfully accepted.
  • A proper H-1B visa application must be submitted on behalf of the H1B visa holder.
  • The H1B visa applicant must meet all H1B visa criteria, such as possessing a university degree or a higher qualification in a relevant subject.

When an H4 visa applicant fulfils all the conditions, he or she may qualify to an H1B visa via a shift in status or consulate procedure.

  • Alteration of category: This refers to the procedure of switching the visa you have from H4 to H1B whilst remaining in the USA. To do so, you must submit File I-129, Application to become a Non-immigrant Worker, to USCIS.
  • Diplomatic computation: This refers to the procedure for applying seeking an H1B visa in a United States Embassy or consulate abroad. To do so, submit Form I-129 to the USCIS location with authority over the consulate or embassy to which you will be registering.

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In conclusion, while H4 visa holders are not eligible to directly apply for an H1B visa, they do have the option to seek employment and sponsorship from a US employer who is willing to sponsor them for an H1B visa. This provides an avenue for H4 visa holders to transition from a dependent status to a working professional status in the United States.

However, it is important to note that obtaining an H1B visa is highly competitive due to the limited number of visas available each year. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals in this situation to thoroughly research and understand the requirements and process involved in applying for an H1B visa.

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