India Urges Permanent H1B Visa Renewals and Eased Visas from U.S.

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India has formally requested the United States to streamline the visa renewal process for H-1B visa holders within the country, rather than necessitating a return to their home country. The Indian government has also urged the U.S. to make this system a permanent fixture. Additionally, concerns were raised about the delays faced by Indian businesses in obtaining visas for the U.S., prompting a call for an expedited visa processing system.

According to an official statement, stamping for H-1B renewal visas has initiated in the U.S. on a trial basis, and India has urged the U.S. to make this initiative permanent, extending it to family members as well. The hope is for the visa processing times for tourist and business visas to normalize by April.

The commerce ministry highlighted the significant role played by the movement of professionals, skilled workers, students, investors, and business visitors between the two countries in enhancing bilateral economic and technological partnerships. Minister Goyal specifically emphasized the challenges faced by Indian business visitors due to visa processing times and requested the U.S. to expedite the processing.

In the context of E1 and E2 visas for traders and investors, India has sought treaty status from the U.S. The goal is to be included among the 87 treaty countries, which would facilitate easier and faster visa issuance. The statement further mentioned that India is not currently considered a treaty country.

Regarding the domestic renewal of H-1B visas:

The U.S. is set to launch a pilot program on January 29, 2024, allowing selected H-1B visa holders to renew their work permits from within the U.S. The program is designed for a maximum of 20,000 renewals, and applicants must have received their original H-1B visas during specific periods at U.S. consulates in Canada and India.

It’s worth noting that the pilot program exclusively focuses on principal H-1B visa holders, excluding dependents from its scope. This decision aims to ensure the efficient management of the renewal program, as stated in the Federal Register notice. The notice mentions that including other visa categories, such as H-4s (dependents of H-1B principal applicants), would create additional technical and operational challenges.

Finally, statistics from the USCIS indicate that a significant majority of H-1B applications approved during fiscal 2022 were secured by Indians, comprising 72.6% of the total approvals. China and Canada followed with 12.5% and 1%, respectively.


India urges U.S. for streamlined H-1B visa renewal, seeks permanence, family inclusion, and expedited processing due to business concerns. Trial stamping initiated, emphasizing professionals’ vital role. Minister Goyal highlights challenges, requests expedited processing, and treaty status for E1/E2 visas. USCIS stats show Indians constitute 72.6% of H-1B approvals in fiscal 2022.


India has urged the U.S. to make domestic H-1B visa renewals permanent and to ease visas for traders and investors.

India is concerned about delays in visa processing for Indian businesses, prompting a call for a permanent and expedited renewal system.

India seeks eased visas for traders and investors and is pursuing treaty status for E1 and E2 visas for faster issuance.

A trial stamping process for H-1B renewal visas is underway in the U.S., with India advocating for its permanence.

In fiscal 2022, Indians constituted 72.6% of total H-1B approvals, according to USCIS statistics.

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