How to renew Canada PR?

Canada PR Visa Application Tracking

You have to reside in Canada for the renewal of your Canadian permanent resident (PR) card.

  • Possess a valid PR status.
  • Comply with the residence criteria.
  • Make payment for the application cost.

The residency criteria specify that one must have spent a minimum of 730 days in Canada in the previous five years. fortunately, are a few exemptions to this regulation, such as those who are currently working or studying elsewhere than Canada.

You are able to renew your PR card either via the Internet or by mail. The process of applying online is the most efficient and convenient way to submit an application.

When you want to apply online, you must first create a profile on the official website of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You are going to be allowed to fill out the application online and submit the relevant papers once you have registered an account.

You must print out and save the submission application from the official IRCC website when you submit your application by email. You must also make a duplicate of the file checklists and collect all of the necessary paperwork.

You may submit the application to the IRCC screening centre after you have filled out the registration form and acquired the necessary documentation.

Approval time for PR card renewal applicants varies based on the period of year and the quantity of applications received. The IRCC, on the other hand, hopes to deal with every application within a year.

You are going to get a new PR card in the mail once the paperwork has been successfully completed and authorized.

There are a few additional suggestions for extending your Canadian PR card:

  • Begin the application procedure as soon as possible, particularly if you intend to travel beyond Canada.

Please Complete the online form fully and correctly.

  • Collect all of the necessary documentation before submitting the application.
  • Save a printed version of the application you submitted as well as any additional supporting paperwork for your own reference.

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