May 2024 PNP Update: What happened to the Canadian PNP in May?

May 2024 PNP Update What happened to the Canadian PNP in May

Key Updates in Canadian Government and Provincial Immigration – May 2024

May brought important changes in Canada’s immigration policies and how provinces manage them. 

1. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Strategy for 2024

  • Provinces will mainly use PNPs to invite immigrants this year. This means each province decides who they want to invite to live and work there.

2. PNP Lottery Trends: May 2024

  • PEI, a province in Canada, only invited six people in May, mostly from medical and construction fields. Fewer draws happened in other provinces, and Ontario couldn’t do its draw as planned.

3. PNP Plans and Updates

  • British Columbia: BC made its Entrepreneurial Migration Regional Flow a permanent way for people to move there. They also stopped some business visas.

  • Manitoba: They now give a special work permit to people who recently finished studying in Canada and want to stay and work there.

  • Saskatchewan: They updated their list of jobs they don’t need right now, which lets more people like veterinarians apply for jobs there.

4. Program Delays

  • Yukon and New Brunswick: Both had to stop some applications because they got too many. Yukon stopped new applications in one of its cities, and New Brunswick paused some applications for skilled workers.

5. New Brunswick Strategic Plan Flow Update

  • New Brunswick wants more French speakers from other countries to move there. They asked people who applied before March 12, 2024, to apply again under a new plan.


May 2024 was a month of changes and challenges in Canadian immigration. Provinces like BC and Manitoba made positive steps, but others faced delays. Knowing each province’s immigration rules is crucial for anyone wanting to move to Canada. If you need help with Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), Agacs Pvt Ltd offers services to assess your eligibility and guide you through the application process.

The primary strategy discussed for 2024 in Canada was the use of Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) for immigration invitations.

Ontario did not conduct its scheduled draw in May 2024.

New Brunswick required applicants to withdraw and resubmit Expressions of Interest (EOIs) under its Strategic Plan stream.

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