Is PTE recognized by the Canadian government for PR?

PTE recognized by the Canadian government for PR

Yes, PTE is approved for a permanent residency (PR) in Canada. For most types of visas, including permanent resident status, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, or IRCC, recognizes the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academics.

You have to have a basic proficiency in the English language (ELP) level to be eligible for PR via the Express Entry method. Academic PTE score are recognized for Express Entry as well, with minimum necessary scores varying based on the citizenship program for which you are seeking.

As an example, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, also known as FSWP requires the following minimum academic PTE scores:

The level of          Listening Reading Writing   Speaking Overall

 Intermediate          59              59             59            59

Advanced                 67             67              67            67

Whether you want to submit an application for PR using the Express Entry method, you may find the most recent required ELP score necessary for all of the programs on the IRCC site.

IRCC recognizes academic PTE results for other PR programs, including provincial nomination programs (PNPs) and the Canadian Expertise Class (CEC), along with the Express Entry program.

Keep in mind that language proficiency is just one of the factors considered in the Canadian immigration process, and meeting the minimum language requirements does not guarantee approval. Other factors, such as education, work experience, and adaptability, also play a significant role in the application assessment.

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