Ways to get a H1b Visa Stamping

h1b visa stamp

Individuals seeking strong revenue potential with opportunities to get settled permanently as quickly as feasible to establish a stable financial area for their families favour international immigration. As a result, immigration is an essential component in the modern-day group, while they are willing to go farther than usual to attain their goals.

After the application is picked up and approval all the legal documents from USCIS next challenging step is to get your visa stamping. sometimes it becomes challenging to get your visa stamped without any guidance from experts. it is better to take a step and meet experts, and take advice from them. As AGACS PVT LTD is the best immigration consultant in Hyderabad for H1b visa, our knowledgeable H1b visa team is always ready to help you and guide you to get a stamped H1b visa for USA.

The stages for applying for an H1b visa stamping:

  1. Fill out the DS-160 form. This is the non-immigrant visa form to submit online. It is available on the US Department of State’s site.
  2. Submit the registration payment for a visa. The price is currently USD 205. This charge can be paid via the Internet or by mail.
  3. Arrange for a visa appointment. You can accomplish this by visiting the official website of the United States Consulate or Embassy in your native country.
  4. Go to the citizenship interview. Carry all relevant documentation to the interview.

These records may contain:

  • The passport
  • DS-160 verification document
  • The application for a visa fee receipt
  • Your H-1B application acceptance notification
  • Your university records
  • Your job letter of invitation
  • Other evidence of support

The immigration interview could last anything from a few minutes to over an hour. The consular official will inquire regarding your schooling, occupation, and the reason for your application for an H-1B visa for USA.

Whenever the application for a visa gets approved, a visa with an H-1B stamp will be placed in your passport. This stamp permits you to be employed in the USA in an area of expertise profession for a maximum of six years.

The complete H-1B visa stamping procedure can take anywhere from a few weeks to many months. The specific duration will depend on the US Embassy or Consulate to which you apply.

Bonus tips to obtain a visa with an H-1B stamping:

  • Begin the procedure as soon as possible. The H-1B visa submission period is extremely profitable, and it is critical to submit an application early in order to have the greatest probability of approval.
  • Get ready for the immigration interview. The consulate official is going to be seeking proof that your qualifications fit the H-1B visa criteria. Check whether you are carrying all of the necessary documents as well as that you can concisely and clearly address the consulate’s officer’s queries.
  • Take care to follow the directions. Because the application for a visa procedure might be complicated, it is critical to carefully follow the guidelines. Ensure that you fill out all of the necessary paperwork and submit the relevant fees.

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