What is Canada PR Visa ?

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What is Canada PR Visa mean?

The Canada PR is an abbreviation for permanent residence in Canada. It is a status conferred to a foreign individual who does not have a Canadian citizen yet is being given permission to permanently reside and work in Canada.

Permanent residents of Canada are granted numerous of the same liberties and responsibilities as Canadian citizens; however, they do not have the ability to cast ballots in presidential elections.

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How to get Canadian PR?

There are numerous paths to becoming a PR in Canada. Those that are the most prevalent methods are as follows:

  • Express Entry: It is a point-based system that evaluates candidates based on variables like years of age, schooling, professional experience, and language ability.
  • Provincial Nominee Scheme (PNP): Under this scheme, provinces and territories can nominate people who fit their financial and labour needs.
  • Family Class sponsorship: Under this scheme, Canadian citizens and holders of permanent residence can sponsor members of their families for permanent residency.

The qualifications for seeking permanent residency to reside in Canada differ based on the scheme through which you apply.

Some of the following are:

  • A passport that is valid
  • A medical check-up
  • A check for criminal activity
  • Proficiency in the language exam
  • Proof of money

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The following are some of the advantages associated with becoming a permanent citizen of Canada:

The ability to permanently reside and perform employment in Canada.

  • The opportunity to pursue a higher degree in Canada.
  • The ability to utilize Canadian medical.
  • The ability to nominate members of the family for permanent residency.
  • The ability to apply for Canadian citizenship following three years as a permanent resident.

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