April 2024 US Visa: Progress for Indian Green Cards

April 2024 US Visa: Progress for Indian Green Cards

The April 2024 Visa Bulletin brings promising news for individuals seeking green cards in the United States, particularly for applicants from India. This article delves into the notable advancements in Final Action Dates and Dates for Filings across various Green Card categories, underscoring the implications for Indian applicants.

Advancements in Final Action Dates

The April 2024 Visa Bulletin showcases substantial progress in Final Action Dates, especially for Indian applicants. Notably, the Final Action Date for the F2A visa, catering to spouses and unmarried children of US permanent residents, has advanced significantly from June 2020 to September 2020.

Progress in Dates for Filings

Moreover, the Dates for Filings have seen commendable movement. For instance, the filing date for the F4 family-based green card has shifted to April 2006 from February, offering renewed hope for Indian siblings of US citizens, their spouses, and unmarried children under 21

Employment-Based Green Cards

The bulletin also reflects advancements in Final Action Dates for four Employment-based green cards, along with corresponding adjustments in filing dates. Nonetheless, the US State Department anticipates limited advancement of priority dates in employment-based categories throughout the remainder of FY 2024, concluding on September 30, 2024.

Navigating the Green Card Journey

The Visa Bulletin serves as a crucial resource for Green Card applicants, offering insights into the adjustment of immigration status timelines and eligibility criteria. Divided into Dates for Filing and Final Action Dates, it provides a roadmap for navigating the green card process.

Understanding Dates for Filing and Final Action Dates

Dates for Filing signify the earliest submission window for adjustment of status or an immigrant visa application, while Final Action Dates estimate the processing timeline for granting permanent residency. These charts are instrumental in determining application eligibility and processing timelines, particularly for employment-based green card adjustments.

Employment-Based Preference Categories

The bulletin outlines various employment-based preference categories, including Priority Workers, Individuals with Advanced Degrees, Skilled Workers, and Special Immigrants, each allocated a specific percentage of the global preference level.


In conclusion, the April 2024 Visa Bulletin marks a significant milestone for Indian Green Card applicants, with noteworthy advancements in both Final Action Dates and Dates for Filings across multiple categories. As applicants navigate their green card journey, understanding the implications of these updates is crucial for informed decision-making and timely filing.

The April 2024 US Visa Progress marks a significant advancement for Indian Green Card applicants, particularly in terms of streamlined processing and reduced wait times.

Indian nationals seeking Green Cards will experience expedited processing and reduced backlogs due to the reforms implemented in the April 2024 US Visa Progress, offering them a more efficient pathway to permanent residency in the United States.

The April 2024 US Visa Progress introduces reforms aimed at addressing the backlog of Indian Green Card applications, including increased visa quotas, enhanced processing efficiency, and priority processing for certain categories of applicants.

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