Features of H1b Visa

The H-1B visa is a type of non-immigrant visa which enables firms in the United States to employ foreign workers with specific skills in sectors such as research, the field of engineering, technological advancement, and healthcare.

The following represent a few of the benefits of obtaining H-1B visa:

Employment-based visa: This H-1B immigration is awarded to foreign employees who were subsequently given an employment opportunity in the US.

Area of expertise job description: The H-1B immigration is intended for employees in area of expertise jobs, which demand a university degree or its equivalent in a specified field of studies.

Multiple purpose: Because the H-1B visa is dual purpose, you are eligible for a US citizenship (permanent residency) while in the US on an H-1B visa.

Portability: holders of H-1B visas can transfer their visa status to a new company if the new employer agrees to submit an H-1B petitions on their behalf.

The family members: individuals with H-1B visas are permitted to bring their partner and single kids below the age of 21 as H-4 dependents to America.

The duration the H-1B immigration is initially issued for three years and can be extended for a further six-year period.

In H-1B permit is a prominent visa for international workers seeking employment in America. However, the total quantity of H-1B visas issued yearly is limited, and the submission system can be challenging.

These are a few of the benefits and drawbacks of a H-1B visa:


  • Enables foreign workers to find employment in area of expertise professions in the USA.
  • Permits for simultaneous intent, allowing you to submit an application for a citizenship card while on an H-1B immigration.
  • Enables individuals to migrate with your partner and single kids below the legal age of 21 to the USA.
  • Provides a pathway to acquiring permanent residency.


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