H1b 2023 news: H1B Visa Program Updates for 2023

H1b 2023 news Agacs.in
  • The USCIS will host a second round of H-1B visa drawing in August 2023. Only nearly 70% of the total approved capacity of 85,000 visas for H1B workers had been given as of the 27th of July 2023. In August 2023, USCIS is slated to release the results of the second round the draw, which will distribute the balance of 30% of visas.
  • The H-1B visa rejection rate reaches a new peak of 26% in fiscal year 2023. In the year of 2023 (October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023), the rejected percentage for H1B visa applications achieved an unprecedented high of 26%. It represents the largest denial rate while the US Citizenship and Immigration Service started tracking H-1B immigration rejections in 2010.
  • H1B visa holders are now subject to new limits on working remotely. The administration of Joe Biden has set new requirements for holders of H-1B visas who want to work remotely. Those holding H-1B visas must be physically based in the USA for a minimum of 50% of their hours of employment under the new requirements.

  • Entrepreneurship programs are available to H1B visa holders. Certain entrepreneurial applications, including the EB5 Immigrant Entrepreneur Program, are now open to H1B visa holders. Consequently, individuals with H1B visas can invest in US enterprises and gain permanent residency.
  • These constitute just a handful of the most recent developments concerning the H1B status visa in 2023. Please go to the USCIS site or talk with a lawyer about immigration matters for additional details.

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