How many times may a Person file for an H1B Visa?

Converting H1B visa to green card

Additionally, there is no limitation to how many times an individual may submit applications for an H1B visa. However, the USCIS advises applicants to reapply only if their circumstances have changed significantly. If the candidate fails to address the explanations for the initial rejection, any extra applications are likely to be denied.

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These are a few reasons for reapplying h1b visa:

  • Acquiring extra knowledge or expertise in the specialized profession.
  • Earning higher education in the area of expertise profession.
  • Transferring jobs to an alternate industry or area.
  • Submitting a fresh application for a new area of expertise profession.

When a candidate’s H1B visa petition fails, he or she can apply again later. They still need to be willing to talk about the grounds for the rejection in their fresh petition. It is also crucial to know that the H1B immigration process has a yearly cap, so regardless of whether the applicant meets most of the qualifying standards, they might not get chosen in the lottery.

Finally, deciding whether to submit another application for an H1B visa is an individual decision. Applicants ought to weigh the potential advantages of having a job in America with the expenses and risks of reapplying. If the applicant thinks they have a good possibility of a successful outcome, they ought to think about reapplying. They ought to nevertheless be ready for the prospect of a subsequent denial.

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