Who can Sponsor H1b Visa

Who Sponsor H1b Visa

The H1B visa is an immigration visa that enables firms in the United States to temporarily hire foreign workers in areas of expertise occupations. Engineering, which is technology, the accounting profession, healthcare, and design are examples of specialized vocations that involve conceptual or technical skills in a single field of endeavour.

Any US employer who has an IRS Tax ID number may apply for an H1B visa for a foreign worker. An employer also must be authorized to submit a Labour Condition Application (LCA) with the United States Department of Labour (DOL), that verifies that the business is willing to pay the current rate of pay for the position and would not harm the conditions of employment of U.S. workers.

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In the US firms wishing to acquire foreign workers with talent, the H1B visa is an increasingly common choice. The H1B visa program, on the other hand, has an annual cap of 65,000 visas, including a further 20,000 visas for foreign workers with a Ph.D. or greater from a U.S. university. Because the number of applications for H1B visas often exceeds the availability, the USCIS holds a lottery to determine which permits will be issued.

Whether you are a foreign worker interested in acquiring a visa for an H1B, you must inquire about sponsorship prospects with a U.S. firm. You should also speak with a lawyer who specializes in immigration about whether you qualify for an H1B visa and how they may help you with the whole application process.

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Regarding H1B applicants, we have a straightforward technique. First, we propose applicants to analyse their profiles to see if they are eligible for an H1B visa. If the applicants meet the requirements, we submit their Curriculum Vitae to companies in the United States. Whenever the USA firms discover an appropriate role and project for the applicant, we will notify the individual and begin the H1B.

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