How to check the H1B visa status

H1B visa Process

H1B visa is a lottery-based work permit issued by US government. In H1B visa application will put in the lottery once the lottery picked up next procedure will begin.

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The H-1B visa application procedure is separated into two stages:

  1. The H-1B lottery: Each year, the USCIS organizes a lottery to pick H-1B applications to be processed at randomly. The H-1B lottery submission period is normally around April.
  2. The filing of an H-1B petition: If your application is chosen in the draw, your employer will submit with USCIS a Form I-129, Application for a Non-immigrant Worker. The LCA along with other evidence of support must be included on Form I-129.

The USCIS website allows you to verify the current state of your H-1B petition. You must have your Form I-129 confirmation number to do this.

The following are the ways to verify the progress for your H-1B application:

  1. Navigate to the USCIS site.
  2. Go to “Check Case status” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Provide the invoice number from your Form I-129.
  4. Press the “Submit” button.

The status associated with your application will be displayed on the USCIS site. The following are the possible statuses:

  • Case Accepted: USCIS has got your petition.
  • Case Authorized: USCIS has granted your petition.
  • Case Was Refused: USCIS declined your petition.
  • Retracted Case: You and your employer withdrew the application.
  • Case Was Pending: The USCIS is still working on the petition you submitted.

If the application is approved, you must apply for an H-1B visa in India at a US embassy or consulate. Usually, the visa application procedure takes several months.

When reviewing the current state of your H-1B petition, keep the following points in mind:

  • Your petition’s status might not get modified quickly. The status of your application displayed on the USCIS site could require a few days to update.
  • You can call USCIS customer care if you have questions or queries concerning the status of the petition.

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