jobs in Canada

jobs in Canada

Newcomers to Canada, here’s important info about the popular jobs.

If you’re new to Canada, learning about these popular jobs can help you understand the job market. Whether you like office work, technology, or working with your hands, these top 15 jobs offer good career options in 2024.

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These are some of the most wanted jobs in Canada for 2024. They are listed with how much money people typically earn doing them.

Administrative Assistant – $35,000 to $66,000

Administrative assistants help keep organizations running smoothly. They schedule appointments, organize tasks, and communicate between executives and others.

Sales Associate – $46,000 to $84,000

Sales associates create friendly shopping experiences and know a lot about the products they sell. Their job is important for making sales and keeping customers happy.

Schedulers earn between $35,000 and $83,000.

 They’re needed a lot in Canada. Schedulers make sure schedules run smoothly, solve problems, and use tools to make work better. They help keep work organized and productive.

HR Business Partners make between $75,000 and $156,000.

They work closely with business leaders. HR Business Partners make sure HR plans match company goals. They help with employee relationships, training, and planning. This helps the company do well.

Logistics Coordinators make between $62,000 and $122,000.

With the rise of online shopping, these coordinators are very important. They help make shipping faster and better. They engage with people from various countries to keep up with the growing market.

Customer Service Representatives earn between $43,000 and $74,000.

They help customers with questions and solve problems by working with different parts of the company. Their job is to make sure customers are happy and keep coming back.

Marketing Manager – $62,000 to $122,000

Marketing managers make big plans and work with different teams to create cool ads. They check how well the ads are doing and make them even better. This job is really important for making marketing work.

Mechanical Engineer – $66,000 to $131,000

Mechanical engineers know a lot about different things and are really wanted. They work in many industries like medicine and making things that fly in the sky. Being a mechanical engineer is a great job in Canada.

Financial Analyst – $62,000 to $142,000

Financial analysts help businesses understand how well they’re doing and work with people all over the world to reach money goals. They’re really important for making sure businesses do well because they’re good at looking at numbers.

Pharmacist Assistant – $40,000 to $60,000

Pharmacy assistants help pharmacists give out medicine and keep track of what they have. They make sure everything runs smoothly in the pharmacy and those customers have a good experience.

Accounting Technician – $39,000 to $114,000

Accounting technicians are important for keeping track of money in a business and making sure all the financial documents are right. They help businesses stay healthy financially.

Software Developers:

They make between $68,000 and $137,000 a year. They design, write code, and test software. They work with others to understand what users need. Many companies need software developers because the technology industry keeps growing.


They earn from $55,000 to $77,000 yearly. Electricians install, fix, and maintain electrical systems. They make sure everything follows safety rules and codes. Their work helps keep buildings safe and working properly.

DevOps Engineers:

They make from $66,000 to $131,000 annually. DevOps engineers are important for automating how software is made and put into use. They make workflows smoother and improve the technology behind them.


They earn between $40,000 and $74,000 a year. Welders put metal parts together and make sure things are built well. They work with engineers on big projects worldwide. Their job is important in building things and making stuff in factories. Being a welder in Canada can be a good job.

In 2024, some of the most sought-after professions in Canada include software developers, healthcare professionals (such as nurses and physicians), skilled tradespeople (like electricians and plumbers), financial analysts, and environmental engineers.

The demand for software developers underscores Canada’s transition into a technology-driven economy. With increasing reliance on digital infrastructure, there’s a growing need for professionals capable of designing, implementing, and maintaining software solutions across various industries.

Healthcare professionals remain in high demand in Canada due to factors such as an aging population, advancements in medical technology, and evolving healthcare policies. This demand encompasses a wide range of roles, from primary care physicians to specialized nurses and allied health professionals.

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