February 2024 Canada PNP News

February 2024 Canada PNP News

Ontario conducted three draws, with a strong focus on healthcare and tech occupations.

BC persists in targeting immigration in tech, childcare, construction, healthcare, and veterinary care. Notably, the score required for construction increased in BC’s latest draw.

Alberta issued only 124 invitations in February.

Prince Edward Island held two draws in one month for the first time since November last year. The draws aimed at specific occupations such as Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Agriculture, and Early Childhood Education, or were for skilled workers with an employer in PEI.

Quebec conducted two draws, each requiring high points (600+) and in the employer offer outside of Montreal stream. This marks the first time Quebec has held two draws in one month since September last year.

PNP Program Updates for February 2024

February witnessed several program updates:

Prince Edward Island Reduces Immigration via PNP in 2024

PEI announced a 25% reduction in the number of nominations it will issue in 2024, aiming to manage population growth sustainably.

Alberta Introduces New Stream for Tourism & Hospitality Workers

Alberta announced a new immigration stream under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program, targeting the tourism and hospitality industry to address labor shortages and support sectoral growth.

Opportunity Stream Intake Paused in Alberta

Alberta paused intake for its Opportunity Stream from February 15 to manage application volumes. Further program changes are expected.

Ontario Accepts PTE Core English Tests for PNP

Ontario announced acceptance of Pearson Test of English (PTE) Core English tests for PNP purposes, effective January 30, 2024, making it the first province to do so.

Starting this fall, BC intends to begin accepting PTE Core.

BC plans to accept PTE Core English tests for PNP purposes, but not until the fall.

Nova Scotia Witnesses Surge in Healthcare and Construction Workers

Nova Scotia experienced significant increases in healthcare and construction worker immigration in 2023, indicating high demand in these fields.

Demand for Workers in Healthcare, Construction, Tech, and Childcare:

Provinces across Canada seek newcomers to fill shortages in these fields, indicating lower entry requirements for candidates with relevant skills or job offers. In 2024, Canada is targeting the admission of around 110,000 permanent residents via its PNP program.

In February 2024, the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) witnessed several notable adjustments. One of the key changes was the expansion of eligibility criteria in certain provinces to accommodate a broader range of skilled workers and entrepreneurs.

The updates introduced in February 2024 had a positive impact on immigration pathways for international students in Canada. Certain provinces enhanced their streams specifically targeting graduates, offering them smoother transitions from study permits to permanent residency status.

February 2024 saw a strategic focus on specific sectors and industries within the Canada PNP framework. Provinces tailored their immigration streams to attract skilled workers and entrepreneurs in sectors such as technology, healthcare, and renewable energy, aligning with Canada’s economic priorities.

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