Manitoba pnp Open Work Permit Benefit

Manitoba pnp Open Work Permit Benefit

Canada will create a public policy. It will allow open employment for eligible temporary workers in Manitoba. Just a few weeks ago, Manitoba announced something. It would prioritize considering expired licenses in Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) applications.

Key points

  • Temporary workers who meet the conditions will be able to apply for an open work permit.
  • We have limited information about the applying candidates. But Miller’s instruction stated that most will have a work permit after graduation.
  • Eligible applicants must get provincial nomination from Manitoba. They must do this within two years to become permanent residents of Canada.
  • About 6,700 temporary workers in Manitoba will get benefits. This was confirmed in the May 8, 2024, update.

New Public Policy

Minister Miller plans to add a time limit to open work permits. They are for temporary residents working in Manitoba. The limit seems to apply only to graduate workers. The policy sets the fees for work permits under the program that aims to address concerns about the PGWP. It will expire in 2024. This could greatly affect Manitoba’s job needs. Other temporary work permit holders may also be eligible. It depends on how the Canadian province implements it. As of May 8, 2024, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has more on this topic. The main beneficiaries are Post-Graduate Work Permit holders. They are in the Manitoba Skilled Worker Provincial Nominee Program Interest Pool. Based on this, we can assume that most will go to PGWP holders. Some will go to other work permit holders.

Who will benefit from this public policy?

The letter is vague about who is eligible. But it seems that this civil right will be granted to applicants. They must prove they meet all of these conditions:

  • Temporary resident whose permit has expired.
  • Currently working in Manitoba.
  • There is interest in the Manitoba Skilled Worker PNP Pool.

This is our interpretation of the letter. We will know the eligibility criteria when public policy is implemented. Permit holders are now in the Manitoba Skilled Worker Provincial Nominee Program pool. They are in the pool of Expressions of Interest. Based on this, we can assume that most of these licenses will go to PGWP holders. Some will go to other work permit holders.

Civil code comes into force?

We do not know when they will implement this public policy. We also do not know how long applicants will benefit from it. Secretary Miller plans to hold a meeting with the Immigration Council. It will be on May 10, 2024, to discuss this issue.

Can temporary work permit holders still benefit from benefits?

Secretary Miller mentioned PGWP license holders. Their licenses will expire in 2024. But, he did not say that those whose licenses expire in 2024 would be eligible. Nor did he mention other license types available for employment.

One requirement is that the applicant must be employed. So, we may determine that the applicant needs a valid work permit, whether it is a PGWP or another type.

Are people outside of Manitoba who work in Manitoba eligible?

Some job types are in remote locations. Some applicants may work for a Manitoba employer. They will work remotely from outside the province. It is not clear from the letter whether people who fall into this category are eligible.

PGWP/temporary residents eligible?

This public policy is directed to individuals whose licenses will expire in 2024. If your license will expire in 2025, you should look for other ways to stay in Canada.

Which Manitoba PNP program should eligible applicants apply to under this public policy? The letter does not specify the PNP program. It only says that temporary residents must be eligible. But, it asks for a fast evaluation of Manitoba Expressions of Interest. Applicants must be eligible for Skilled Workers and International Education. IRCC released the statement after May 8, 2024. It confirmed that applicants need an Expression of Interest. They need it for the Manitoba Skilled Worker Provincial Nominee Program.

What can you do if you think you qualify for this citizenship right?

If you qualify, wait for more details before applying. If you believe you meet this law, you may also have the right to ask for an evaluation from the Province of Manitoba. To do this, you must have a work permit that has expired or will expire within 45 days. To request an evaluation of your MPNP Report of Interest, fill out the MPNP Qualified Worker form.

How many applicants will benefit from civil rights?

In its May 8, 2024, report, IRCC said 6,700 temp workers will benefit from this policy. The report also means 6,700 workers were identified.

Will other states have similar civil rights for temporary residents?

The letter mentions Manitoba’s need to keep temporary residents. But all provinces risk losing temporary residents. So, we will likely see citizenship laws tested in all provinces.

Manitoba’s Open Work Permit Benefit is a program initiated by the government of Manitoba that allows international students who have graduated from post-secondary institutions in Manitoba to apply for an open work permit upon graduation.

International students who have completed their studies at a designated post-secondary institution in Manitoba and have received a degree, diploma, or certificate are eligible for Manitoba’s Open Work Permit Benefit.

The main advantage is that it allows international students to work in Manitoba for any employer and in any occupation after completing their studies. This provides them with valuable work experience and allows them to explore career opportunities in the province.

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