What should I do if I want to renew an expired work permit, but I do not yet have a new LMIA or CAQ?

What should I do if I want to renew an expired work permit, but I do not yet have a new LMIA or CAQ

Many foreign workers do not know that, even if they have not yet received the new Business Activity Assessment (LMIA) and the new Québec / Quebec Acceptance Certificate, they can apply for an extension. In case of Certificate of Acceptance (.CAQ), the work permit expires is necessary.

What do LMIAs and CAQs stand for?

LMIA and CAQ are documents. They certify that foreign workers can work in Canada. They are usually sent together with a work permit. The LMIA is a form. Canadian employers in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) must submit it to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). They submit it to hire foreign workers for a period of time. Having a positive or neutral effect is not a negative effect.

Meanwhile, the Quebec government gives CAQs to foreign workers. This includes international students who “meet [the province’s] standards”. This enables them to obtain a work or study permit”. It is for Quebec work permits. So, the applicant must get a job offer from employers in Quebec. It is important to remember that they require CAQ and LMIA when hiring.

How can I renew my work permit without a new LMIA and CAQ (if applicable)?

IRCC says you can apply to extend your work permit. You can do this if it will expire two weeks from when you request the extension.

However, IRCC also says that if you are in this group, you must still submit your work certificate. You must also submit the documents you applied for the LMIA (and CAQ* if needed). Submit these when applying for an extension.

If necessary, you can present your new LMIA and CAQ application in various ways. This process also includes providing other information or documents. You need them when applying for an extended work permit.

  1. Submit copies of LMIA and CAQ (if applicable)
  2. Upload a copy of the approval number from LMIA and CAQ. Include it if it applies to you and you are renewing online.
  3. Provide this information in the “Planning to Work in Canada” section of the work permit:

(1) The date when the LMIA/CAQ application was submitted,

(2) The office that submitted the application,

(3) Name of the employer, and (4) Approval number (if applicable).

If you apply for a Quebec work permit extension online, you will be asked to upload a copy of the CAQ. You can submit the CAQ number confirmation or a copy of the CAQ application to the new CAQ site.

What happens when you receive my new LMIA and CAQ (if applicable)?

You have 60 days to submit the documents to the immigration office. They are for the new LMIA and CAQ (if needed). Failure to timely submit the LMIA/CAQ receipt may result in denial of work permit.

If you are in Canada and your work permit is expiring, you can consult an immigration lawyer. They will guide you through renewing your permit. They will provide all needed certifications and documents.

A Canada work permit visa is an official document issued by the Canadian government that allows foreign nationals to work legally in Canada for a specific period of time.

The requirements vary depending on the type of work permit being applied for, but generally, applicants need a job offer from a Canadian employer, proof of qualifications or relevant experience, and in some cases, a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

The validity period of a Canada work permit visa varies depending on factors such as the type of work being performed and the duration of the job offer. Work permits can range from a few months to several years.

In many cases, yes. Certain types of work permits allow the spouse/common-law partner and dependent children of the visa holder to accompany them to Canada and even obtain open work or study permits. However, this depends on the specific conditions of the work permit and the family members’ eligibility.

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