Latest updates on Saskatchewan PNP

Latest updates on Saskatchewan's PNP

Saskatchewan has updated and expanded non-applicable job requirements and Express Entry program subcategories. The exclusion list currently includes 158 jobs that are not suitable for this strategy.

Key Points

  • Veterinarians and veterinarians have been removed from the exclusion list, so these jobs are now eligible for jobs requiring Advanced Entry.
  • In addition to previously excluded occupations, law enforcement officers and constables, corrections officers, constables, dentists and related occupations, truck drivers, bus drivers and other transportation operators, pesticides and exterminators, and non-employee heavy workers. Not eligible for Saskatchewan In-Demand Occupation or Express Entry PNP subcategories.
  • Employees in NOC TEER 4 and 5 positions are still not eligible for these positions.
  • These changes do not affect federal Express Entry eligibility or standards.
  • Saskatchewan focuses on specific and even national projects in the PNP draw.

Which services are affected?

These changes affect the Saskatchewan In-Demand Work and Entry PNP subcategories.

This will be a setback for candidates working in these positions who wish to emigrate from the Saskatchewan PNP. It will impact candidates who hold these positions in the Express Entry pool and wish to leverage Saskatchewan’s PNP to enhance their Express Entry CRS or, in advanced cases, move the Express Entry system through the PNP instead.

What are the excluded modified activities and NOC?

The list of jobs that are not included in Saskatchewan is quite extensive. We have gathered all the names below, from forest experts to aviation engineers and journalists.

It is also stated that NOC TEER 4 and 5 positions are still not eligible for Job in Demand or Entry Level. This makes sense because both subcategories are designed for skilled workers.

What will be the interests of SINP?

If the applicant finds that his/her first NOC is one of the 8 NOCs added to the separate list, he/she will not be eligible to receive an Expression of Interest. They may receive a notification that their LOI has been removed from the repository or they may cancel their LOI. If they have work experience not listed under the NOC, they can submit a new Expression of Interest. Applicants can only have 1 SINP Expression of Interest at a time.

Another issue may be the handling of SINP applications submitted where the original NOC already appears in an excluded form. Given that the application period for both interventions is approximately 30 working days and the minimum number of NOC numbers for SINP invitations, it is unlikely that the current NOC leader will appear on all SINP applications.

Why did Saskatchewan make these changes?

The Province of Saskatchewan did not explain the reasons for these changes. Since the list has not been updated since November 2022, the new additions may indicate weak market demand for workers in this sector. Saskatchewan’s PNP lottery results in the province also show a clear focus on the importance of greater immigration. While it has been attracting all the special jobs recently, it also focuses on immigrants from certain countries in many countries and special jobs filmed in August 2023.

When can we expect more SINP draws?

The last SINP check for the In-demand jobs and Express entry subcategories was held on 7 March 2024, nearly two months ago. Unlike the previous draw, we expect another draw in May or June.

The removal of 2 jobs from the exclusion list (meaning that applicants to work in 1 of the available jobs can apply) raises the question of whether these 2 jobs will be selected in the future. Only time will tell.

How often have required Programs changed?

However, it is stated on the program page that the model may change at any time.

Also considering many control target perspectives, just because you are in the right position to do the Saskatchewan Job at the time of Application or Admission does not mean you will receive the Saskatchewan PNP track application or selection.

As we mentioned above, there are more differences between the plans. While we’ll have to wait and see the impact the new exclusion list will have on these draws, there’s no guarantee Saskatchewan will focus on anything other than specific exclusions.

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The eligibility criteria for Saskatchewan’s PNP include having a valid job offer in the province, meeting the occupation in-demand requirements, demonstrating language proficiency in English or French, and having sufficient settlement funds.

As of the latest update, Saskatchewan’s Express Entry sub-category remains active, allowing candidates in the federal Express Entry pool to apply for provincial nomination from Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan’s PNP regularly updates its in-demand occupation list to reflect the changing labor market needs of the province. This ensures that the program remains responsive to the evolving demands of Saskatchewan’s economy.

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